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When I first decided I wanted to start a blog, I didn’t really want it to be all about my journey with cancer. Mostly because I would like to think that I’m almost all done with this journey. But the truth is that the hard part is almost over, but my life is changed forever because of my cancer. I’m still going through it and I want to share that journey and my positivity with people, and hopefully inspire some along the way.

My specific type of cancer has a high relapse rate, so even though I’ve responded really well to treatment, and I’m now clear of all leukemia cells, I’m not quite out of the woods. Constant check ups and oncology appointments are going to be really important. It’s going to be a little stressful to have to wait days for lab results to tell me if i’m in the clear or not, but as the months progress, I know I’ll start to relax a bit and be able to get back to normal. But that’s in the future, so let me back up a bit.

I was diagnosed in early November, it was a shock and all happened so fast. I was in the ER, and they said they’re sending me to a hospital that deals with leukemia all the time and they can run more thorough tests, and I remember saying to my mom, “They can run all the tests they want on me, I just DON’T want a bone marrow biopsy.” I had seen my Grandma go through them, in my mind that’s the most painful testing there is… and yup. They are just as painful as she said. I’ve gotten 2 so far and about to get my third. But I’m not afraid of them anymore. The first one I had to do without much sedation because I had a really bad cough, and it hurt like a pain I’ve never felt before. My cough was gone by the time I got my second biopsy done, I was fully sedated and that was a much more pleasant experience.

I decided I want to blog about this journey, because I hope I can inspire and help someone else with my story. Whether it be another young adult dealing with cancer, or a perfectly healthy adult, I hope someone can draw some kind of inspiration from my journey.

The most important thing I’ve learned is how how your attitude and outlook can change everything.

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  1. Maya,
    continued prayers for you! Your last statement was a powerful one sweetie! It is a good reminder to everyone.

    Your outlook and attitude can change everything!
    Keep being Brave!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!!! I agree, it definitely feels good to let it out and digest it all. This transition to life after cancer is gonna be interesting and I’m excited to blog about it lol. I’ll definitely check out your blog!

  2. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with all of us. Although I don’t physically know you , I am able to experience a spectacle of your journey through your words. You are an inspiration not only to people suffering from this illness but also to those who have lost hope in life. I look forward to reading more about your journey. Sending you love and lots of healing energy.

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