1 month Post-Chemo Update!

Here’s a little 1 month post chemo update!! I’ve been so busy catching up with life at home and getting back to being a normal functioning member of society, that I forgot to even update my blog! So here’s what’s new.

In a few days, It will have been an entire month since I got to ring the no more chemo bell, and was able to go home. At first it wasn’t easy being home, I felt uneasy not having any nurses or doctors around in case something happened. I felt like a ticking time bomb. And then as the days went by and I felt stronger with each day, and I realized nothing was going to happen, I was able to relax.

I still get nervous from time to time when I think about reoccurrence and upcoming tests. I combat that stress with positive thinking. I just imagine all of my blood tests coming back perfectly healthy, and I remind myself that today I feel great, and I try to live in the present, where I am cured. Now that I have learned to manage my stress, there are even some days where I’m too busy enjoying my new normal to even remember that I had cancer.

Now I feel stronger than I have in over a year. I was cleared to be able to start working out, so me and Jay are getting into a routine of going to the Gym and going for walks, and I love it. I feel so strong and empowered.

Also, the hair growth is soooo real. Brows are almost fully back, hair is coming in strong and FAST. My lashes are the slowest, but they’re coming too. First picture shows just 15 days of growth, second picture is just to show off this new hair growth lol.

In other news, as apart of being an adult and “rejoining society” as I like to think of it, Jelani and I signed up for a new bank account finally, and I decided to start building my credit with a credit card! Another part of being an adult is to remember to lock your car door, even when you’re just running in somewhere real quick.. Had all the contents of my wallet stolen with the exception of my Polaroid photos, ID and Insurance. I’m thankful that whoever did this at least left me with my ID and insurance, and didn’t max out my credit card. Also grateful that there wasn’t a whole lot left on my debit card that they spent. Live & Learn.

And lastly.. Chef Jay and I have been collaborating on a new project that we’ll be launching very very soon!! So we’ve been working diligently to provide some top quality content, and we both can’t wait to share it! Be on the lookout for it!!!


5 comments on “1 month Post-Chemo Update!

  1. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with us:) I’m so happy to know that you are recuperating and adjusting to your new awesome life (cancer-free) I can’t wait to hear about your future projects.

    Sending you lots of love and positive vibes!

  2. Happy news congratulations Maya! I celebrate your courage and wish uou and Jelani the best in the next chapter of adulting!

  3. Wow, you are such a champion and thriving in so many incredible ways #1 being your mindset. I love the statement, “I try to live in the present. Where I am cured.” It is so easy to stay in the place mentally, emotionally and physical where we battle and feel downtrodden. But you have made up in your mind to make the conscience effort to stay in the present where you are cured. Live Out Loud Maya. You are awesome, and worth it all!!

  4. Maya- You’re rocking all of this so hard! Love you to the moon little cousin! Super excited for what is to come! <3

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